Class Priority Listing

The college is increasing the number of students it admits. We have started admitting more pre-majors into the college and will increase this number until our enrollment is increased by 25 percent. This change will impact all of the majors, but most especially broadcast news. Our plan is to double the number of students majoring in that program. Because we’re increasing our enrollment, it will be more difficult for pre-majors to get into high-demand courses.

To ensure that Grady students and others in formal programs in the college get the courses they need to graduate on time, we are instituting a priority system for assigning students to courses. (see your advisor for the complete priority listing).

  1. Graduating seniors
  2. Seniors enrolled in the College for three, but not more than five, semesters needing required courses
  3. Seniors needing required courses
  4. Juniors enrolled in the College for two semesters needing required courses
  5. Approved change of major
  6. Juniors enrolled in the College needing required courses
  7. Seniors registering for elective courses
  8. Juniors registering for elective courses
  9. Minors
  10. Grady majors with an undesignated major
  11. Pre-majors
  12. UGA students

Except for the introductory courses (ADPR 3100, ADPR 3850, TELE 3010, JOUR 3310), all Grady College courses will be Permission of Department (POD).