Office of Undergraduate Services

The Grady Office of Undergraduate Services is here to provide current and prospective Grady students with every means available to help them achieve academic excellence, personal autonomy, and a strong sense of purpose. There are four professional academic advisors to serve our majors and another to serve our prospective students and minors.

From application to graduation, our team is here to assist you. If you have any questions about being a Grady undergraduate student, please feel free to contact one of our team members.

Welcome to Grady and best wishes.

Beth Rector
Room 312 Journalism
(706) 542-2526
Director of Undergraduate Services


Maria Cooper
Room 309-B Journalism
(706) 542-0302
Advising: Major in Journalism ...
Students accepted for Spring 2016 and beyond will earn a bachelor’s degree in Journalism with a major in Journalism. Students enrolled before Spring 2016 will find information about their emphases here.

Victoria Cooper
Room 309-H Journalism
(706) 542-9255
Advising: Public Relations

Jessica Higgins
Room 309-E Journalism

(706) 542-4995
Mass Media Arts
Entertainment & Media Studies

Michelle McFalls
Room 309-C Journalism
(706) 542-4985
Advising: Advertising

Convocation Information

Date: Thursday, December 17, 2015




Carlo Finlay
Room 311-B Journalism
(706) 542-2673
Advising: Sports Media Certificate

Rebekah Ryan
Room 311-A Journalism
(706) 542-4181
Advising: Study Abroad / Distance Learning