Advising is mandatory. Students must meet with their academic advisor each semester before being cleared to register for classes.

Advising begins during the second week of classes each semester.

Advising appointments are scheduled online at the Grady online advising site.

Currently Enrolled Grady Students -

Pre-Grady students currently enrolled at UGA may set up an appointment at


All Grady courses, except for the introductory courses (ADPR 3100, ADPR 3850, STEM 3010, JOUR 3310), require a POD (Permission of Department).

You will receive a POD form during your advising appointment. Complete and return this form by the deadline provided by your advisor.

Students must attend their advising appointment to obtain a POD form.

PODs are granted based on a priority system, with graduating seniors having the highest priority (see your advisor for the complete priority listing).

You will not be able to request any PODS until you have been advised.

Cancel an advising appointment

If you must cancel your appointment, please do so at least 24 hours in advance by logging in to the online advising site and selecting the cancel option.

If you need to cancel an appointment less than 24 hours in advance, you must do so by contacting your advisor by e-mail or phone. Students who cancel less than 24 hours in advance will be rescheduled at their advisor's discretion sometime before New Admits are advised.

Grady missed appointment policy, "no-show" policy

Students who arrive more than 10 minutes late will not be seen by their advisor. Students who are unable to attend their appointment and contact (by e-mail or phone) their advisor before their scheduled appointment time will be seen at their advisor's discretion sometime before New Admits are advised.

If students do not have access to e-mail and cannot reach their advisor by phone, they may leave a message prior to their appointment time with Beth Rector, Director of Undergraduate Services at (706) 542-2526.

Students are considered a "no show" for their advising appointment if they:

•   Do not schedule an appointment during the proper cohort period, specified by advisors in an e-mail at the beginning of the semester; OR

•   Arrive more than 10 minutes after their designated appointment time; OR

•   Miss their appointment and have not contacted their advisor in advance.

"No Shows" will be able to reschedule their advising appointment after New Admits have been advised.

Under UGA policy, students must meet with an advisor before they can be cleared to register on Athena. Therefore, students who are "No Shows" will not be cleared to sign up for other classes until their rescheduled appointment time.

Advising survey

Advising survey for Grady students