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Augustine Pang and Yan Jin. - October 19, 2016

Addressing the call by Coombs (2010) to examine the role of culture in crisis communication, this study examines the veracity and relative influences of these variables by examining how public relations practitioners practice them between… Continue reading »


Yan Jin - October 03, 2016

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Jeanine Guidry, Caroline Orr, Kellie Carlyle, Marcus Messner, Yan Jin, and Karen Freberg. - September 29, 2016

The current Syrian refugee crisis has resulted in millions of Syrians fleeing their homes in search of safety and hope for their families. This flow of refugees and asylum seekers has both led to humanitarian… Continue reading »


Michael Cacciatore and Glen Nowak - August 15, 2016

While studies have assessed parents' vaccine-related confidence levels, no published studies have attempted to put vaccine-related confidence into a broader context. This study thus examined parents' confidence in vaccines and other health-related products for young… Continue reading »


Lee, Yen-I, Jin, Yan., & Nowak, Glen. - August 05, 2016

This study examined the effects of message framing and presentation in flu vaccine public service advertisements (PSAs) using a 2 (gain vs. loss) x 2 (image-based vs. text only presentation) between-subject experiment with a sample… Continue reading »


Meng, Juan, & Pan, P.-L. - July 19, 2016

By using Freeman’s (1984) stakeholder theory as the leading theoretical foundation, this research investigates how millennial consumers responds to corporate sustainability initiatives (CSIs) when making informed diet and healthy eating options. By conducting a series… Continue reading »


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