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Pantic, M., & Pjesivac, Ivanka. - February 15, 2017

This study employed international news flow theory to test the impact of the determinants of foreign news flow on the comprehensiveness of textual and multimedia coverage of the Syrian refugee crisis in the form of… Continue reading »


Keith Herndon, and Richard McCline - November 02, 2016

As news media struggle for business model success amidst digital era chaos, they increasingly turn to millennial employees for thought leadership on social media, emerging technology, and their generation’s mindset. This paper frames an ethics-centric… Continue reading »


David Welch Suggs, Jr. and Jason Lee Guthrie (Grady PhD student), - October 22, 2016

Part of the goal of the International Paralympic Committee is to “touch the heart of all people for a more equitable society.” Media exposure of athletes with permanent physical disabilities may affect the… Continue reading »


Jason Lee Guthrie (Grady PhD student) and Janice Hume, - October 08, 2016

This research proposal is based upon work done for a Pulitzer Centennial Campfires Initiative grant in collaboration with the Georgia Humanities Council. The focus of this grant is to create a… Continue reading »


Yan Jin, Jeanine Guidry, Caroline Orr, Bart Wojdynski, Yen-I Lee (Grady PhD Student), Jay Adams - September 29, 2016

Using a 2 (gain vs. loss message framing) x 2 (photo vs. infographic image type) x 3 (government vs. media vs. peer source)between-subjects experiment with a representative sample of 559 adults in the United States,… Continue reading »


Daxton R. “Chip” Stewart & Charles N. Davis. - September 26, 2016

The Freedom of Information Act began as a tool for ensuring full disclosure of federal government agencies, but it has consistently failed to live up to these expectations. Despite frequent amendments, FOIA remains a law… Continue reading »


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