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Enrique Uribe-Jongbloed, Hernán David Espinosa-Medina, and James Biddle. - May 09, 2016

In their chapter, the authors look at the ways in which three different videogames create a link to former products, be they television, film or music. This intertextuality, as the process is known, tries to… Continue reading »


Ahn, Sun Joo (Grace) - February 24, 2016

This chapter reviews the past and current trends of one particularly intriguing aspect of virtual worlds—virtual representations commonly known as avatars—in the context of health behavior change.  Despite the growing interest in the influence of… Continue reading »


Shaw, A & Chess, S. - February 17, 2016

GamerGate began in August of 2014, resulting in several women game developers being attacked through harassment (both online and off), doxxing, and violent threats. This essay explores several aspects of GamerGate, paying specific attention to… Continue reading »


Chess, S. - February 17, 2016

This essay analyzes the complicated role of motherhood in television commercials for video games, spanning several decades. Video game advertising, in particular, often features mother characters utilizing a kind of double-voicedness. On the one hand,… Continue reading »


Chess, S. - November 02, 2015

Gaming audiences have recently (though slowly) started to become more gender-inclusive. Increasingly, digital games have been designed for and marketed to women audiences. And with this new market, new characters have begun to seep into… Continue reading »


Tenopir, C., Dalton, E.D., Allard, S., Frame, M., Pjesivac, I., Birch, B., Pollock, D., & Dorsett, K - September 16, 2015

In this study, the DataONE Usability and Assessment working group addresses two primary goals: to examine the current state of data sharing and reuse perceptions and practices among research scientists as they compare to the… Continue reading »


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