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Jay Hamilton. “ - June 06, 2016

Because “mainstream” and “alternative” journalism are treated too often in discussions of digital journalism as separate spheres, comparatively less has been written about the insufficiency of positing separate spheres, despite the theoretical and empirical necessity of… Continue reading »


Len-Ríos, Maria. E., & Perry, E.P. - April 26, 2016

Cross-Cultural Journalism offers journalists and other communication professionals the conceptual framework and practical know-how they need to report and communicate effectively about difference. Built on the hands-on reporting style and curriculum pioneered by the University… Continue reading »


Stephanie Craft, Charles N. Davis - April 26, 2016

Designed to engage, inspire and challenge students while laying out the fundamentals of the craft, Principles of American Journalism introduces readers to the core values of journalism and its singular role in a democracy. From… Continue reading »


Chess, Shira. & Newsom, E. - December 01, 2014

Since 2009, the Slender Man had been growing in popularity as an emergent, groundbreaking Internet horror myth. It entered the broader popular consciousness in May 2014, when two twelve year old girls led a third… Continue reading »


Davis, Charles N. and Cuillier, David (eds.) - July 28, 2014

Transparency 2.0 investigates a host of emerging issues around the collision of information and personal privacy in a digital world. Delving into the key legal concepts of information access and privacy, such as practical obscurity,… Continue reading »


Bruce K. Berger and Juan Meng (Eds.) - May 20, 2014

Public Relations Leaders as Sensemakers presents foundational research on the public relations profession, providing a contemporary picture of expanding global practice. Utilizing data from one of the largest studies ever conducted in the field,… Continue reading »


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