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M.A. Degree Program

The M.A. degree is designed to provide advanced preparation for communication careers, or to prepare students for further graduate study in communication-related fields.

Students can choose to complete a thesis as part of their Master’s program if they are interested in pursuing further graduate study, or they can pursue a non-thesis program which require additional course work and the successful defense of a comprehensive exam.

The MA degree is administered by the Grady Office of Graduate Studies in cooperation with the College’s three departments: the Department of Advertising and Public Relations, the Department of Journalism, and the Department of Entertainment & Media Studies.

Master of Fine Arts in Narrative Media Writing


M.A. Concentrations

Media Industry Research Certificate

No application process is required. Students work with their major professors on completing the necessary requirements for the certificate.

Click IRB

Click IRB is an electronic Human Subjects Proposal Submission and Review web application used by human subjects researchers and the IRB on the UGA campus.

UGA Graduate School

Be informed, read and comprehend Graduate School requirements (i.e., read this and other Grady supplied information; consult the Graduate Bulletin: visit the Graduate School website, this is where you will find all forms, Plan ahead, develop a time-line with a preliminary program of study and tentative dates for form submission. Be attentive, read posted notices, check your e-mail.

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Graduate Forms

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