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M.A. Degree Program

The MA degree is designed to accomplish three basic goals: (1) to contribute to an individual's intellectual growth, (2) to develop a critical understanding of the institutions, processes, and effects of mass communication, and (3) to provide advanced preparation for communication careers in advertising, journalism, health and medical journalism, public relations or for further graduate study in communication related fields. The MA requires the successful completion of a thesis, and is intended primarily for those students interested in conducting original scholarship in preparation for further graduate study. The MA non-thesis requires additional course work, and is intended for those students interested in acquiring a more extensive foundation for future career development.

The MA degree is administered by the Grady College Office of Graduate Studies in cooperation with the College's three departments: the Department of Advertising & Public Relations, the Department of Journalism, and the Department of Entertainment & Media Studies.

Master of Fine Arts in Narrative Media Writing

Ph.D. Degree Program

The Grady College’s Ph.D. program in mass communication is designed to prepare scholars for academic careers in teaching and research or for professional careers in industry or government. The program draws mainly on the resources and facilities of the College’s three departments: advertising/public relations, journalism, and entertainment & media studies.

The primary objective of the Ph.D. program is to develop mass communication scholars who are capable of critical thinking and independent scholarship. The degree is granted in recognition of research proficiency, breadth and soundness of scholarship, and thorough knowledge of selected aspects of mass communication and related fields. Degree requirements are fulfilled in three stages: (1) successful completion of an approved program of study; (2) the passing of written and oral comprehensive examinations; and (3) the execution and presentation of an acceptable dissertation based on independent research.

Students are encouraged to develop their own theoretical and methodological approaches to mass communication research. Some Grady Ph.D. students work within and from traditional social science models of inquiry; others adopt historical, critical theory, naturalistic, or cultural studies perspectives on mass communication phenomena.

Graduate Certificate in Media Industry Research

The Graduate Certificate in Media Industry Research represents a recognized and substantial academic accomplishment, completed in conjunction with an M.A. or Ph.D. degree. The goal of the certificate program is to provide graduate education in applied media-industry research methods and applications. This is intended to prepare graduates to enter in to the field of mass communications with full qualifications for conducting research.


Graduate students in the MIR certificate program collaborate with research executives at Turner Broadcasting.