All Grady Faculty

Acosta-Alzuru, Carolina

Carolina Acosta-Alzuru
Associate Professor, Public Relations

She teaches public relations, cultural studies, and qualitative methods. Scholarship foci: telenovelas, culture and society.



Ahn, Sun Joo (Grace)

Sun Joo (Grace) Ahn
Assistant Professor, Advertising

Dr. Ahn teaches advertising research and advertising and society. Her research examines how social media, video/internet games, and immersive virtual environments influence user attitude and behavior.



Aldridge, Emuel

Emuel Aldridge
Lecturer, New Media Institute

Teach undergraduate students how to acquire and implement multiple forms of media into interactive environments such as games, educational exercises, and websites.



Alexander, Alison

Alison Alexander
Senior Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
Professor, Entertainment & Media Studies

Alison Alexander teaches writing, research and theory, and family and media. She works in the area of children and media, as well as industry economics.



Barnhart, Jennifer

Jennifer Barnhart
Senior Lecturer, Advertising

Dr. Barnhart teaches Advertising Message Strategy and the capstone campaigns course for advertising majors. She is the advisor to Grady's student-run advertising agency.



Becker, Lee B.

Lee Becker
Professor, Journalism
Director, James M. Cox Jr. Center for International Mass Communication Training and Research

Dr. Becker teachers journalism writing and reporting and research methods. His research focuses on labor markets, on communication education and on media and development.



Biddle, James

James Biddle
Senior Lecturer, Entertainment and Media Studies

James Biddle is an award winning filmmaker and editor who specializes in the teaching of post production workflow and management, audio design, Steadicam operation, visual efx, and the artistic and technical aspects of video/film editing. Professor Biddle is a certified professional instructor of Avid Media Composer, Adobe Premiere, and Final Cut Pro X. Professor Biddle runs the Grady College Authorized Training Center for Avid Media Composer and Adobe Premiere.



Boyd, Valerie

Valerie Boyd
Associate Professor, Journalism
Charlayne Hunter-Gault Distinguished Writer-in Residence

Prof. Boyd teaches magazine writing, critical writing and narrative journalism. Her research interests include narrative nonfiction, arts criticism and cultural reporting, and race and gender issues in media.



Burton, Nsenga

Nsenga Burton
Academic Professional, Journalism

Dr. Burton is the digital editor of Grady Newsource and teaches news writing and multi-platform production courses.



Cacciatore, Michael

Michael Cacciatore
Assistant Professor, Public Relations

Dr. Cacciatore teaches research methodology and introduction to public relations in the Department of Advertising & Public Relations. His research focuses on risk communication with an emphasis on media coverage of risk and opinion formation for risk topics.



Dodie Cantrell-Bickley
Lecturer, Journalism

Thirty+ years in various television news positions including anchor, investigative reporter, executive producer and News Director. As News Director launched one of the first local news websites in the United States. Seven years leading CBS, NBC and ABC stations as President/General Manager.



Castengera, Michael

Michael Castengera
Senior Lecturer, Journalism

Michael Castengera teaches broadcast news writing and production. He has over 25 years experience working in television news and station management. He consults with television station groups and stations around the country.



Chess, Shira

Shira Chess
Assistant Professor, Entertainment and Media Studies

Shira Chess teaches courses in media studies and media writing. Her research focuses on digital media studies with an emphasis on gender and gaming.



Davis, Charles N.

Charles N. Davis
Grady College Dean

Charles N. Davis is the Dean of the Henry W. Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication at the University of Georgia. He was appointed in 2013, after a long career in journalism.



Deal, Sabrena

Sabrena Deal
Lecturer, Public Relations

Deal teaches Graphic Communication and Advertising Message Strategy. She works with undergraduate students to develop an understanding of basic design concepts, common design challenges, idea generation, brainstorming, and content writing and editing using Adobe Creative Cloud (Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign).



Evans, Nathaniel J.

Nathaniel Evans
Assistant Professor, Advertising

Dr. Evans teaches advertising and society, advertising management, and graduate level advertising foundations courses. His research interests examine consumers’ processing and evaluation of immersive and non-traditional advertising formats that include advergames, branded apps, in-game advertising, and native advertising with a focus on public policy implications.



Kate Fortmueller
Assistant Professor, Department of Entertainment and Media Studies

Kate Fortmueller teaches courses in media studies and media writing. Her research focuses on media industry studies with an emphasis on labor.



Gerlach, Chris

Instructor, New Media Institute



Hamilton, Jay

Jay Hamilton
Department Head, Entertainment and Media Studies

Dr. Hamilton teaches cultural, critical, and historical approaches to media studies. His research addresses alternative media and democratic communication.



Han, Jeong-Yeob

Jeong-Yeob Han
Associate Professor, Advertising

Dr. Han teaches communication theory, research methods, and technology and health. Research foci include health communication and technology, new media effects, and research methods and design.



Hazinski, David

David Hazinski
Associate Professor, Journalism
Jim Kennedy New Media Professor

Meigs Distinguished Teaching Professor David Hazinski specializes in digital and broadcast news. He is a former NBC correspondent who has helped launch a dozen international networks.



Herndon, Keith

Keith Herndon
Professor of Practice/Journalism
Director, James M. Cox Jr. Institute for Journalism Innovation, Management and Leadership

Dr. Herndon teaches managing news organizations, entrepreneurial journalism, ethics and a variety of journalism skills courses. He is the Director of the Cox Institute for Journalism Innovation, Management and Leadership and runs its leadership development program and Grady Mobile News Lab.



Himelboim, Itai

Itai Himelboim
Associate Professor, Advertising

He studies the role social media play in news, political and international communication. Applying network analysis, he examines political talk and information flow.



Hollander, Barry

Barry Hollander
Professor, Journalism

Barry Hollander's research interests include political communication and, in particular, how people learn from mainstream and alternative sources of news.



Ann Hollifield
Professor, Journalism
Thomas C. Dowden Professor of Media Research

Dr. Hollifield's studies media management and economics, and media in economic development. She teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in media economics, management, and organizational theory.



Hudson, Tom

Tom Hudson
Senior Lecturer in News Writing, Journalism

He teaches news writing, the core offering in Grady's writing program. For most students, this is the first practical writing course and most students will publish during their term with him.



Hume, Janice

Janice Hume
Department Head, Journalism; Carolyn McKenzie and Don E. Carter Chair for Excellence in Journalism

Dr. Janice Hume teaches magazine writing, management, and media history. Her research concerns American journalism history, public memory, and media coverage of death.



Jin, Yan

Yan Jin
Associate Professor, Public Relations
Associate Director of Center for Health & Risk Communication

Dr. Yan Jin teaches undergraduate public relations courses in research, management, and campaigns, as well as graduate communication theory course. Her research includes studies of public relations, crisis communication, conflict management, social media, and strategic health and risk communication, with a strong focus on how emotions influence organizational decision making processes as well as publics’ information seeking behaviors and communicative responses.



Johnson, Mark

Mark Johnson
Senior Lecturer, Journalism

Mark E. Johnson teaches photojournalism, multimedia journalism, video journalism and graphic design courses in addition to serving as the college’s Chief Technology Officer. He directs the annual Woodall Weekend Workshop that takes advanced photojournalism students into rural Georgia counties to tell their stories as well as a fall workshop that has centered on motorsports photojournalism and the Georgia National Fair in the past. He developed the college’s first dedicated online news site and runs  



Jones, Betty

Betty Jones
Senior Lecturer Emerita, Public Relations

Dr. Jones taught graphics and advanced graphics.



Jones, Jeffrey P.

Jeffrey P.  Jones
Lambdin Kay Professor & Executive Director of the Peabody Awards

Dr. Jones directs the George Foster Peabody Awards, and is Lambdin Kay Professor in the Entertainment and Media Studies Department.  His research specialty is television studies, with a focus on popular politics, satire and parody.  He is the author and editor of five books, including Entertaining Politics: Satiric Television and Civic Engagement (2nd ed.), Satire TV: Politics and Comedy in the Post-Network Era, and The Essential HBO Reader.



Kavoori, Anandam (Andy)

Anandam (Andy) Kavoori
Professor, Entertainment and Media Studies

Anandam Kavoori is currently working on several place-based essays, focused on sonic, performative and visual culture in an international context. He also serves as the Coordinator of the “Environmental Communication Initiative” at Grady



Kim, Jooyoung

Jooyoung Kim
Associate Professor, Advertising

Dr. Kim teaches advertising campaigns, advertising management, global advertising, and advertising research. Research foci are advertising engagement and brand communication.



King, Karen Whitehill

Karen King
Professor, Advertising
Jim Kennedy New Media Professor

Dr. King teaches advertising media planning, advertising campaigns and advertising research. Her research interests include advertising industry issues and health communication.



Kohn, Nathaniel H.

Nathaniel Kohn
Professor, Entertainment & Media Studies
Associate Academic Director Peabody Awards

Dr. Kohn teaches screenwriting, producing for film/television, and qualitative methods; directs the Cannes Film Festival Study Abroad Program; associate directs The Peabody Awards; and produces film/television programs.



Kreshel, Peggy

Peggy Kreshel
Associate Professor, Advertising

Dr. Kreshel teaches advertising in society, media planning, and media culture and diversity. Her research focuses on advertising professionalization, ethics, and history and media and gender issues.



Krugman, Dean

Dean Krugman
Professor Emeritus, Advertising

Teaches management and communication theory. Research includes media audiences and health communication. Former President of the American Academy of Advertising. Received Academy's Outstanding Research award.



Landrum, Kim

Kim Landrum
Lecturer, Advertising & Public Relations

Landrum teaches Graphic Communication and Advertising Message Strategy. She works with undergraduate students to develop an understanding of basic design concepts, common design challenges, idea generation, brainstorming, and content writing and editing using Adobe Creative Cloud (Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign).



Lariscy, Ruthann W.

Ruthann W. Lariscy
Professor Emerita, Public Relations

Dr. Lariscy teaches public relations principles, research, and public opinion. Dr. Lariscy's research focuses on political advertising and campaign management, public relations standards and health campaigns.



Lee, William E.

William E. Lee
Professor, Journalism

Dr. Lee teaches Communication Law, The First Amendment and Political Campaigns, and Telecommunications Policy. His research appears in top legal journals such as the Supreme Court Review. He is a co-author of a top-selling textbook The Law of Public Communication.



Len-Ríos, Maria

Maria Len-Ríos
Associate Professor, Public Relations

Dr. Len-Ríos teaches public relations and cross-cultural journalism courses. A newly published textbook will be available this year; Len-Ríos, M. E., & Perry, E.P. (2016). Cross-Cultural Journalism: Communicating Strategically About Diversity. Routledge/Taylor& Francis.



Lin, Jhih-Syuan (Elaine)

Jhih-Syuan (Elaine) Lin
Assistant Professor, Advertising

Dr. Lin teaches advertising media and consumer psychology. Her research interests include digital advertising, consumer-brand relationships, media psychology, and cross-cultural consumer psychology.



Meng, Juan

Juan Meng
Associate Professor, Public Relations
Director, ADPR Choose China Maymester Program

Dr. Meng’s teaching areas include public relations campaigns, research, management, and global PR. Her research focuses on leadership in public relations, measurement, trust, employee engagement, and reputation management. Dr. Meng also founded and directs UGA’s ADPR Choose China study abroad program.



Michaelis, Vicki

Vicki Michaelis
John Huland Carmical Chair in Sports Journalism & Society

Prof. Michaelis teaches sports reporting and writing and social media as it relates to sports. She is director of GradySports, the college’s new sports media initiative.



Nowak, Glen

Glen Nowak
Professor and Director of Center for Health & Risk Communication

Nowak is responsible for developing and managing the College’s new Center for Health and Risk Communication, which seeks to foster an interdisciplinary approach to health and risk-related Communication projects, including interventions, campaigns, messaging and messages, news media and provider-patient communication.



Phua, Joe

Joe Phua
Assistant Professor, Advertising

Dr. Phua’s research examines the impact of new and emerging communication technologies, including social media, on advertising and branding, social marketing campaigns for public health issues like obesity and smoking cessation, and sports marketing. His teaching specialties include digital and social communication strategies, advertising and communication management, and digital advertising at both the undergraduate and graduate levels.



Pjesivac, Ivanka (Radovic)

Ivanka  Pjesivac
Assistant Professor, Journalism

Dr. Pjesivac teaches courses in digital and broadcast news reporting. She studies international and cross-cultural communication, as well as the effects of data visualizations on perceptions of news media trust and credibility, information recall, and attitudes.



Reber, Bryan H.

Bryan Reber
Assistant Department Head & Professor, Public Relations
C. Richard Yarbrough Professor in Crisis Communication Leadership

He teaches public relations, management, and writing. Research foci are public relations and health and crisis communication.



Reichert, Tom

Tom Reichert
Department Head, Advertising and Public Relations
Athletic Association Professor of Advertising

Dr. Reichert has been teaching, researching and writing about advertising since 1993. He's served as Department Head since 2010. He also co-founded and co-directs UGA's Cannes Lions study abroad program.



Reid, Leonard

Leonard Reid
Professor Emeritus, Advertising

Dr. Leonard Reid is a Fellow of the American Academy of Advertising. He is a former editor of the Journal of Advertising, an author or co-author of 100+ refereed journal articles, and recipient of the American Academy of Advertising's Outstanding Research Award. He was Grady faculty member from 1980 to 2012, where he served as Department Head of ADPR, associate dean for research and graduate studies, and interim Grady dean (twice).



Rhodes, Leara D.

Leara  Rhodes
Associate Professor, Journalism

Leara Rhodes received her doctorate and master degrees from Temple University in Philadelphia and her bachelor degree from the University of Georgia.  She is an Associate Professor of Journalism and International Communication in the Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication at the University of Georgia.



Robinson, Brian

Part-time faculty, ADPR



Roushanzamir, Elli Lester

Elli Roushanzamir
Associate Professor Emerita, Advertising

Dr. Lester Roushanzamir's primary teaching interests are advertising & society, message strategy and theory. Her research focuses on critical cultural studies, particularly the relationships between media images and media political-economy.



Russell, Karen Miller

Karen Russell
Associate Professor, Public Relations
Jim Kennedy New Media Professor

Karen Miller Russell is Associate Professor, teaching public relations and media history at Grady College. She edited the Journal of Public Relations Research from 2010-2015.



Sallot, Lynne

Lynne Sallot
Professor, Public Relations

Lynne M. Sallot, Ph.D., APR, Fellow PRSA, Josiah Meigs Distinguished Teaching Professor, conducts research in and teaches classes in public relations.



Shumway, Chris

Chris Shumway
Academic Professional, Journalism

Chris Shumway teaches classes in Video Journalism and manages Grady’s video production facilities, which include a digital newsroom, TV studio and field equipment supply room.



Smith, Kristen

Kristen Smith
Senior Lecturer, Public Relations

Ms. Smith teaches Graphic Communication, Advanced Graphic Communication and Public Relations Communication. She is the faculty adviser to Creative Consultants, the student-run PR agency.



Soloski, John

John Soloski
Professor, Journalism

John Soloski is co-author of Taking Stock and Libel Law and Press. His research interests are media economics, telecommunication policy and media law.



Jeff Springston
Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Studies
Professor, Public Relations

Dr. Springston teaches public relations, media and health, and research methods. Research foci include health and risk communications.



Kirsten Strausbaugh-Hutchinson
Senior Lecturer, Advertising

Dr. Strausbaugh-Hutchinson teaches advertising message strategy, campaigns, and graphic communications. Service areas include acting as Faculty Advisor to the UGA AdClub.



Suggs, Welch

Welch Suggs
Associate Professor, Journalism

Dr. Suggs teaches writing and editing, focusing on sportswriting, college sports and the media. He is also organizing student activities to provide experiential learning in sports reporting.



Thomas, Patricia

Patricia Thomas
Professor, Journalism
Knight Chair In Health And Medical Journalism

Patricia Thomas directs the health and medical journalism MA concentration. She teaches graduate courses in basic and specialized journalism, trains working reporters and does community-based research.



Tinkham, Spencer

Spencer Tinkham
Professor, Advertising

Dr. Tinkham teaches advertising research methods, management and campaigns. Dr. Tinkham's research focuses on political communication, particularly with respect to message and audience factors in persuasion.



Vlad, Tudor

Tudor Vlad
Senior Research Scientist, Journalism
Associate Director of the Cox International Center

Dr. Vlad's research focuses on media challenges in emerging democracies and impact of midcareer training programs for journalists. He conducted workshops for journalists around the world.



John Weatherford
Lecturer, New Media Institute

John Weatherford serves on the faculty of the New Media Institute in the Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication at the University of Georgia. His courses cover topics including iOS app development, emerging photographic technologies, and digital product design. He serves on the steering committee for TEDxUGA as Director of Production and Photography and has been awarded fellowships focused on technology and teaching. Prior to joining the NMI, John taught in the English Department at UGA, where he developed courses such as Documentary Filmmaking and Writing for Nonprofits. He co-founded and serves as CFO of the Calliope Initiative, a non-profit open-source software project that designs web applications for writing courses.



Wojdynski, Bartosz

Bartosz Wojdynski
Assistant Professor, Journalism

Dr. Wojdynski teaches courses in multimedia journalism, interactive media, and psychological effects of communication technology. He researches the effects of design and presentation characteristics in digital media on attention, selection, cognition, and attitudes.