Lab Policies

•   No food, drinks, or chewing tobacco are allowed in any college lab facility.

•   Labs are only for currently-enrolled Grady College students, faculty, and staff.

•   Do not save any files to the local machine.

•   Grady College ITS staff are not responsible for lost or damaged data. Please save your work frequently.

•   All lab computers are provided for instructional and official use. Commercial use of any college computer is not allowed.

•   The installation of software is forbidden. If additional software or tools are needed, request it by sending an email to the ITS staff at System logs are reviewed periodically and violation of this policy can result in the loss of lab privileges.

•   Modification of lab software/hardware is strictly forbidden.

•   When you are finished using the computer system, please Quit each open program by going to the File Menu and choosing Quit.

•   When finished using the computer, please push in your chair for the next user and clean up any excess paper.

•   In Open Lab areas, workstations are available on a first come, first serve basis. During busy periods a time limit may be imposed to ensure all students can have equal access.

•   These policies may be updated and amended at any time. Users who violate lab policies are subject to losing lab priveleges.

•   Users are also subject to the University of Georgia's Computer Use Policies. For more information on the computer use policy, visit

Lab Facilities

The college computer and production laboratories provide the access students need to master the skills of the industry and produce professional results. Filled with the best equipment, software and technology, our labs offer systems and software for writing, design, photojournalism, video and audio production, and new media design and evaluation.

Our computer laboratories include the following:

Room 130 Frank E. Gannett Photojournalism Laboratory

Room 132 Digital Journalism Laboratory

Room 136 Digital Video Production Laboratory

Room 204 J. Thomas Russell Media Management Laboratory

Room 239 Richard Yarbrough Public Relations Laboratory

Room 241 Millard B. Grimes Lab for Excellence in Print Journalism

Room 242 Magazine Association of Georgia Writing and Editing Lab

Room 243 Georgia Press Association Laboratory

Room 311 Advertising/Graphics Lab

Room 401 New Media Institute Digital Laboratory

Room 403B/C New Media Institute Laboratories

Room 418 Open Lab

Multiple conference and seminar rooms allow for small classes and group interaction:

Rooms 117,118 Michael J. Faherty Broadcast Management Laboratory

Room 128 William J. Holland Conference Room

Room 142 B,C Himan Brown Audio Production Center

Room 203 Aronstam Advertising Seminar Conference Room

Room 205 Dean's Conference Room

Our video and production facilities include:

2 Television and 2 audio studios as well as external production equipment

Our research complex on the first floor includes:

the Gaming and Virtual Realities Lab in Suite 135, as well as the Center for Health and Risk Communication in the 134 Suite.

Useful Links

* UGA vLab remote access software

* Free software for students

* PAWS-Secure wireless network

* Student Technology Support