Advertising and Public Relations

Portuguese Flagship Program in Brazil

The Department of Advertising and Public Relations is actively engaged in support of the Portuguese Flagship Program. Portuguese-speaking advertising and public relations students may apply for the one-year program, which includes coursework at São Paulo State University and an internship with a Brazilian advertising or public relations firm. The program is funded by the U.S. National Security Education Program.

University of Amsterdam

The ADPR department at Grady has formed a partnership with the University of Amsterdam Department of Communication to offer students and faculty the opportunity for research and learning exchanges. The University of Amsterdam has one of the premier communications programs in Europe.

South Korea and LG

The ADPR Department also provides ongoing training for top-level executives from LG. The executives are invited to the Grady campus for an immersive program designed to improve their advertising and public relations skills sets, including visits to corporate and agency PR departments in Atlanta.